Cheese care robots aid you in caring for sliced cheese / hard and semi-hard cheese loaves.

Lubrication time, brush pressure, and lubricant quantity can be set individually and precisely for each individual group of brushes.

Up to 150 batches can be saved with various care programmes which KAESARO processes according to specifications. KAESARO cheese care robots are known for their reliability and solid construction.

  • Mountain cheese
  • Hard and semi-hard cheese loaves
  • Sliced cheese
  • Appenzeller
  • Emmentaler
  • Gruyère
  • Morbier
  • Raclette
  • Tilsit
  • Folding mast
  • Plasticisation / oiling
  • Cheese place change
  • Aisle change (one robot for multiple aisles)
  • Board turning

More information: Modules and options

  • Lubrication time
  • Brush pressure
  • Brush speed
  • Lubricant quantity
  • Up to 150 different care programmes
  • Every size
  • Round loaves
  • Square loaves / cheese blocks
  • Bars
  • Up to 7 meters cellar height


The KAESARO M mobile cheese robot moves between the cheese shelves in the cellar, and lubricates cheese on both sides of the aisles. Aisle change in the cheese cellar is also possible. In accordance with the individual cheese cellar requirements, storage is carried out semi-automatically with manual feed.


The KAESARO M is high-performance, and can process 150 to 220 boards per hours (depending on requirements).

Individual design

The design is according to requirements: The robot either removes the loaves individually from the shelf (for example for Emmentaler cheese), or complete boards holding several cheese loaves. After removal from the shelf, the cheese is lubricated and turned. If the maturation process is complete, the cheese is removed semi-automatically or completely automatically depending on the degree of automation.