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Technologically sophisticated solutions for efficient cheese storage resulting in perfect products. This is what KAESARO stands for, this is what we stand for, every day.

Perfect cheese care requires a wide range of knowledge.

KAESARO AG does not just supply standard products, but collaborates on optimised solutions together with customers and partners.

  • State-of-the-art redefined
    Over the years, KAESARO has again and again successfully redefined state-of-the-art. The accustomed reliability and long service life of KAESARO systems remain the same, however.

  • Individual solutions for your cheese
    Depending on the logistical requirements, available cellar space, mobility concepts and degree of rationalisation, an experienced team of engineers develop individual systems for semi-hard and sliced cheese care together with our customers – from salt bath to packaged product. Systems are manufactured in joint production with KAESARO AG and LÄSSER AG.

New production site

Since 2019, KAESARO AG has been a part of the LÄSSER Holding AG, which also includes LÄSSER Embroidery Machines AG. Kaesaro systems are manufactured at our joint production facility in Diepoldsau in Switzerland.

Lässer AG is active world-wide in the field of development and production of embroidery machines. As part of the Lässer Holding AG, Kaesaro AG profits not only from state-of-the-art production facilities in Diepoldsau in the Swiss Rheintal, but also from the technological expertise of a market leader.


From an idea born of a mutual glass of wine to expert provider for your cheese

The year was 1984 when cheesemaker Gottfried Fischer, engineer Cölestin Gächter and master mechanic Rino Weder were discussing the problematic situation in the cheese dairies over a glass of wine.

Solid workers prepared for the strenuous labour of a cheese carer were hard to find. Together they concluded that this job was to be performed by machine.

An idea was born.

Nowadays, these systems are in widespread use distributed across all of Europe under the name KAESARO. The cheese care robots are continuously being improved. The situation of the cheese dairies has not become any easier. The cellars get bigger and bigger and the pressure on prices is increasing. Increasing efficiency is becoming more and more important. Without the aid of automated cheese care systems, modern cheese production would be unthinkable.

Wide range of services
In addition to cheese care robots, our range of services also includes automation of logistical processes, production of cheese maturation racks, and consultation and implementation for complete cheese cellars as general contractors.

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