Dimensions: 1’200 x 1’100 x 1’600 mm
Conveyor height: 1’000 mm
Weight: approx. 350 kg
Cheese loaves: up to max. Ø 320 x 120 mm
Capacity: 10 cheese loaves per minute (longer lubrication times extend cycle times)
Power supply: 3 x 400 V / 16 A

Versatile use

Never was refining cheese so easy

Apply pastes to your cheese or refine it via liquids. The application of adhesive agent for flocking with herbs or applying labels is also possible.

The module is operated manually but can be integrated into a production line, depending on the degree of automation.

All parameters such as turning, brush pressure, speed, transport speed, nozzle size and liquid application can be set individually.

Your cheese loaves receive optimum refinement with care brushes, fine brushes or cloth, depending on the application.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Almost unlimited versatile refinement possibilities for your cheese loaves
  • Mobile and manual use
  • Integration possible into a production chain with automation
  • Space-saving
  • All parameters can be set individually
  • Emergency stop switch for optimum user protection
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


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